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Fashion disposable medical mask supreme Nike brand logo pattern medical mask with n95 level protection effect

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[Name] Fashion disposable medical mask supreme Fendi brand logo pattern, medical mask with n95 level protection effect

[Product size] Regular size

[Target] Bacteria, pollen, dust, UV protection, etc.

[Material] Polyurethane

■ Solved with a cool mask ■

[Soft and not tiring! ]

・ I made it softer so that I wouldn't get tired!

・ My ears don't hurt.

・ It's not painful

[Cool and cool]

・ I feel cool when wearing it

・ It is hard to retain heat and it is not stuffy

[Water repellent finish] And breathability]

・ Even if you put water in the mask, it will not leak easily

・ Breathability is also good

[One extra washable mask]

・ When it's not hot, you can use a normal washable mask, etc.

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supreme disposable medical mask n95 level protective mask

Louis Vuitton disposable medical mask