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Dior Chanel Nike Brand Disney Mickey Leopard Gucci LV Adidas Protective Masks Quick Dry Material Washable 3D Reusable Breathable Cloth Coverings

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1. Brand: Dior Chanel Nike Gucci LV Adidas.
2. Water Repellant (Fluorine-water repellant agent Bayguard).
3. Anti-Microbial - Made from double layered 100% Cotton Material.
4. Anti-Dust, Breathable and protexts up to 2.5PM dust particles.
5. Anti-Viral - Protects against droplet contamination by blocking direct exposure to droplets, and helps prevent hand to mouth and nose exposure.

How to use: Wrap the elastic around your eat and secure mask over nose and mouth.

Package included: 1x brand masks for kids and adults.

Dior 3D Material Washable masks

Chanel 3D Reusable Cloth Cover

Nike Leopard Coronavirus Breathable Mask


There is discoloration when washing. Please refrain from washing with other items.

Do not leave it in a damp or watery state.

This product may shrink slightly when washed. The washing machine cannot be used.