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Boy Men's Women's Disposable Elastic Fashion Masks Ear-friendly 3 Layer Filter Dust Antivirus Splash Infection Surgical Covering

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1. Brand: Boy
2. Water Repellant (Fluorine-water repellant agent Bayguard)
3. Anti-Microbial - Made from double layered 100% Nano-Polyester Material
4. Anti-Dust, Breathable and protexts up to 2.5PM dust particles.
5. Anti-Viral - Protects against droplet contamination by blocking direct exposure to droplets, and helps prevent hand to mouth and nose exposure.

How to use: Wrap the elastic around your eat and secure mask over nose and mouth.

Boy Disposable Fashion Masks 3 Layer Filter masks

Boy Brand 3 Layer Filter Disposable PM2.5 Surgical mask